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Das Quaero Programm

Montag 15. September 2014

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11. März 2008: Die Europäische Kommission hat die finanzielle Förderung, die Frankreich für das FuE-Programm QUAERO bewilligt, nach den Beihilfevorschriften des EG-Vertrags geprüft und entschieden, keine Einwände zu erheben. (EC-Pressemitteilung).

The goal of the Quaero program is to promote research and industrial innovation for multimedia and multilingual content processing. LIMSI, RWTH and Karlsruhe Univ., and IMMI are among the 24 partners of this program.

Central to the objectives of the program are the development of disruptive technologies to address the main stages in the content processing chain: production, archival, distribution and retrieval. The main research goals are to improve the state-of-the-art in automatic multimedia document structuring and indexing, and to develop and evaluate the core technologies needed for the industrial applications. The targeted technologies include core technologies for text processing, translation, audio and speech processing, image and video processing, data coding and protection, cross-modal processing, and search and navigation methods for multimedia and multilingual documents.

The program is organized in order to ensure technical excellence and facilitate technology transfer from the research laboratories to the industrial applications.

Many of today’s state-of-the-art technologies make use of corpus-based methods, therefore an important activity will address issues in acquiring, annotating and using very large corpora. This will be accompanied by research on advanced learning techniques. Comparative evaluation of the technologies in international campaigns is of strategic importance for the program in order to objectively assess the methods and models developed and guarantee the technical excellence of the research work carried out in Quaero. The evaluation framework also serves to increase the information exchange among the partners, so that all partners can benefit from the advances made.

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