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Das IMMI ko-organisiert TRALOGY II

Montag 15. September 2014

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Das IMMI freut sich TRALOGY II zu ko-organisieren. TRALOGY II wird im CNRS Hauptquartier Auditorium in Paris (Frankreich) am 17. -18. Januar 2013 stattfinden.

Auf der Suche nach der Bedeutung: wo sind unsere Schwachpunkte und unsere Bedürfnisse?

The conclusions of the first Tralogy Conference (3-4 March 2011 at the CNRS in Paris) were clear: none of the specialist branches of the language industry can individually hope to offer all the intellectual and professional tools needed to function effectively in the sector. They all need each other: translation has always been interdisciplinary and the translation profession even more so. Accordingly, on the occasion of the second Tralogy Conference, we would like to ask each of our prospective participants not only to present specific contributions from their specialist fields and research into the question of meaning, but also, and in particular, to highlight the limits they face in their specialist fields and research within the wider context of the potential applications of their work. What we would like to find out by the end of Tralogy II is what each of us does not know how to do. We are therefore hoping that, as we map out our respective weak points, these will coincide with the points of contact made at the Conference and with the areas in which there is room for improvement. We will therefore give priority to concise presentations (the published articles will of course be longer) in order to leave time for discussions. And the key question that emerged from Tralogy I will remain at the heart of this analysis: how to measure the quality of a translation with regard to its use.

Canada was the country invited to participate in Tralogy I. This time we would like to honour languages that are very much alive but with lower numbers of users. We have therefore decided to organise this conference under the joint patronage of the Baltic States, Member States of the European Union: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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