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Article published in Lexicography ASIALEX 2014

jeudi 24 juillet 2014

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June 2014

"Lexical markup framework : an ISO standard or electronic lexicons and its implications for Asian languages"

This article, from Gil Francopoulo and Chu-Ren Huang, was published in the last online edition of Lexicology Asialex, the new Springer journal dedicated to asian lexicography.


Lexical markup framework (LMF) is the ISO standard for representing machine-readable dictionaries (MRD) and natural language-processing lexicons. The formal specification has been officially published in 2008 under the reference ISO-24613:2008 after a 5-year study and series of meetings gathering 60 lexicon managers and linguists coming from various cultures and languages. The ISO document contains a formal specification under the form of a Unified Modeling Language accompanied with a selection of examples of word description in Asian, European, Semitic and Turkish languages. Afterward, the model has been applied to a couple of African languages. In this current text, after a brief introduction of LMF, we present some difficult challenges which are required to represent a selection of Asian languages, especially in the context of dictionaries in general and MRD in particular.

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