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Quaero @ Futur en Seine, village des innovations

samedi 3 septembre 2011

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Among the results of Quaero, the consortium is happy to present two interactive demonstrations which correspond best to the nature of the event “Futur en Seine” and which involve several actors of Quaero.

MuMa : the Music Mashup (Exalead - Rémi Landais)

MuMa (Music Mashup) is a search engine developed by Exalead, dedicated to music. It includes a search mode by chords enabled by the use of an external midi keyboard. MuMa integrates the technologies of IRCAM, Telecom ParisTech and the broadcasted audio bases of Yacast.

The "MuMa is on Stage" prototype works within a website, available at this address :

Sunday musicians, accomplished artists, experienced music-lovers, groupies in fury, or wild fans... Imagine all the universe of music on a single website. You have a tune in mind ? You’re looking for information about an artist ? You want to attend one of his concerts ? Muma collects Tweeter flows, Facebook news or information in real time, from the specialized sites... Tinkle, click, swing... And listen !

Interactive search for persons in video sequences ( Institut Technologique de Karlsruhe (KIT) - Rainer Stiefelhagen)

This demonstration shows the possibilities offered by fast recognition of faces. The user is invited to use a database of video sequences recorded during the event. Thanks to an interactive system, he activates automatically the search process, based on automatic analysis of the face and he gathers sequences in which the face appears.

This technology is also used in a scene search application, which enables the retrieval of scenes containing ones favorite actors within various series or movies where they perform. For more information, follow this link :

When ? June 23rd to 26th 2011

Where ? At the Cent Quatre, 104 rue d’Aubervilliers - 5 rue Curial / 75019 Paris

Voir en ligne : Futur en Seine website

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